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On Your Office

When investing in an internet connection, businesses have the choice between a shared connection or what is known as Dedicated Internet Access (DIA).

With shared internet access, multiple users are accessing the same internet connection. With Dedicated Internet Access, though, only one user or business has access to a single internet connection.

Why Our DIA?


Our DIA service can grow with your business as your traffic increases 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps, offering low latency connectivity that scales as large as you need it. We also provide real-time bursting when needed.

Faster Connections

You’ll get faster connections with less congestion because of our extension with over CDN connections like Akamai, Google, Cloudflare, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook.


Our backbone operates over multiple redundant 10-Gigabit connections, so you can be assured of the highest network reliability.


Your always-on internet connection is dedicated to your company and never shared with your neighbors.


Our carrier-grade, guarantees critical service uptime levels of over 98.5%


24/7 Network Operation Center support and live support.