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Integrated System (VPN)

Temporary, Full Support and Ready to Go Internet Services

The VPN is intended for integration purposes. When processes need to reach systems, servers, services, or databases that are not exposed via the internet, the VPN is a secure way to access those systems. This modem is perfect for laptop/notebook users and allows them to be connected whereever they go. Be aware that some companies offer better coverage than others and you should inquire as to the range of the modem prior to purchase to make sure you will not be disappointed in the speed and the areas that you can use the service.

Your ISP or computer service provider may be able to assist you in looking at the various wireless options and help you to source the necessary equipment. Infra-red links is a preferred method because it does not require any frequency license and is less prone to interference from adjacent links.

Web service

(SOAP, RESTful) which is set up inside of network and does not offer a public endpoint.

Active Directory

Server (e.g, for use of LDAP authentication in Bizagi or the LDAP users synchronization module).

SQL Server

Database which is set up inside your network and does not offer a public endpoint.

SMTP Server

Which is set up inside your network and does not offer a public endpoint.

Other Corporate

Services, ESBs, or assets, which are set up inside your network and do not offer public endpoints.

Why US?


Our DIA service can grow with your business as your traffic increases 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps, offering low latency connectivity that scales as large as you need it. We also provide real-time bursting when needed.

Faster Connections

You’ll get faster connections with less congestion because of our extension with over CDN connections like Akamai, Google, Cloudflare, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook.


Our backbone operates over multiple redundant 10-Gigabit connections, so you can be assured of the highest network reliability.


Your always-on internet connection is dedicated to your company and never shared with your neighbors.


Our carrier-grade, guarantees critical service uptime levels of over 98.5%


24/7 Network Operation Center support and live support.